ChickenFryBytes Studios


Welcome weary traveller to our little corner of the internet. We are an educational startup based in Guyana. We make games and teach various STEM subjects.


We want to help as many students as possible in having a fulfilling Secondary and Tertiary education. We are currently offering courses via the ChickenFryBytes Academy.

Our Projects

Here are some of the projects we have done.

Project NibbleSprouts

In this digital age, the approach to education must be different. Traditional forms of schooling neglect students that do not move at the same pace at the teacher.

There is not enough room for mastery learning and asynchronous education. As such, we built Project NibbleSprouts to attempt to facilitate this.

Our Games

There is much value to be gained from gamifying the learning experiences. Our projects such as The Grand Physics RPG (created for the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports Science Fair 2022) and AddInvaders (unveiled at the University of Guyana Career Day 2023) focus on providing students with an immersive form of education.

We have many more games on the way and look forward to helping many more students young and old!


SpanCade is a education lesson presentation software on steroids. It is a LAN multiplayer game mixed with a slideshow teaching setup. Think learning meets couch co-op.

It was created to address the social aspects of learning which are often neglected in the online and asynchronous forms of education.

The Team

Our team currently consists of the founding members:

Support Us

Being a small business, our operations are currently funded by our teammates. Donations are possible through our BuyMeACoffee Page.